Laundry Nook Makeover



We moved into our 1948 small home last March.  It is definitely a work in progress.  The one area, though, that was a major eye sore for me was the laundry nook situated in the dining area next to the kitchen.  It is the first thing that one sees upon entering the front door of our home.  Since we are on a very limited renovation budget, I decided to go with the adage, “If you can’t hide it, feature it!”  This picture is my initial attempt at hiding the laundry items like soap and such by hanging a short curtain over the wire shelf, and by adding more storage on top of the shelf with the use of fabric rectangular baskets from Walmart.

It was still an eye sore to me.  I didn’t like looking at the plumbing behind the washer and dryer and I felt like there was a lot of wasted space above the wire shelf.  Pinterest is my best friend!  I spent time looking at what others have done to create an inviting laundry nook and developed my own plan of action with what limited resources we had on hand and with what could be purchased cheaply.



Now isn’t this much more inviting?!  My husband installed a wide shelf up above the existing wire shelf.  I store canning jars in the bushel basket on the right and various canning supplies in the large basket on the left.  In the middle of that shelf is my large canner.

He also made a small shelf to go over the dryer.  I found a large “canning” jar at Walmart for my homemade laundry soap.  I put this on the shelf along with a garage sale find basket with clothes pins.  I also found a cute industrial-style wax warmer at Walmart.

Walmart had these cute red lantern Christmas lights last December.  If you’ve read my “About Me” page, you will know that I have a passion for red!  These lights were perfect!  My husband bought a white tension rod and using clear zip ties, he attached the lantern lights to the tension rod.  He even attached an on/off push button on the side of the washer so I can turn the lights on when doing laundry.


Here is a close-up view of the zip ties holding the lantern wires in place.  The tension rod has a groove along the back side which he pushed the wires into as well.  I made a new curtain from some leftover fabric I had on hand.  This fabric is more neutral and helps the darling little lantern lights stand out.

IMG_7900To hide the plumbing behind the washer, my husband helped me make a wall hanging from some pieces of pallet boards we had on hand.  I bought the tin letters at Hobby Lobby and clothes-pinned them to a piece of jute string that we attached to the sides.  I wish there was a way to hide the outlet.  Maybe I’ll come up with something some day that won’t make plugging things in a real pain.

Once we are able to afford a new washer and dryer, we are planning to get front loading.  My husband will then make a permanent shelf right above the washer and dryer to be a folding table.

Thanks for stopping by to see my laundry nook makeover!  Doing laundry is now a joy!



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