cropped-adobestock_107111601.jpegWelcome!  My name is Melissa Truelock.  I’m a small town girl and a native to Oklahoma and have lived in Northeast Oklahoma my entire life.

I’m truly thrilled that you are here! Grab a cup of herbal tea and let’s learn together about organic gardening, herbal remedies, essential oils, healing from Hashimoto’s, healthy cooking and eating, repurposing, simple living, spiritual growth and homeschooling teenagers.

Now, if that doesn’t excite you, let’s explore books, writing, tea parties, crafting, beekeeping, urban farming and raising chickens!  Some of these things I have done and others are some of my hopes and dreams.  I hope that you will come along with me on this journey of discovery!

When I was a little girl, red was absolutely my most favorite color in the world.  I was (and still am) passionate about the color red.  Everything HAD to be red in my little world.  I only wanted red cherry suckers.  No green ones for me, thank you very much.  My favorite shoes were red shiny Mary Janes.  Oh, they had to be the most beautiful, magical shoes in the whole wide world!  Here is a picture of me on my mother’s lap wearing my beautiful red Mary Janes!


When two of my siblings and I got stick horses one Christmas, of course, mine was red!  I loved red so much that my daddy called me “Red Bird Red”.  Hence the name for this blog, Red Bird Red.

My little farmhouse style kitchen has many touches of red.  My dear sweet husband indulges me in my love for red and bought me the cutest red cow creamer for Christmas.  He’s a keeper!


The color red is an emotionally intense color which is associated with strength, power, passion and love.  Often I don’t feel very strong or very powerful.  But, I have been told by others that I possess a strength and power of which I am unaware.  I believe the strength and power they are talking about comes from my heavenly Father.  Love is one of the most powerful motivators in my life.  I enjoy loving on people and welcoming them into my life and heart.

I have two teenage children and two grown step-daughters, all of whom are joy and blessing to my life.  I am married to a man who has shown me love, grace, kindness, patience and understanding in all ways and at all times.  His intense love for God has been a powerful influence in our children’s lives and in my own.  I am truly blessed with his presence in my life.

Thank you for stopping by and learning more about me.  I’d love to hear about you, your hopes, your dreams and your struggles.  Let’s walk this path of healing and wholeness together.